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Career & Tech

CTE Month
February is Career & Technical Education Month
Sumner School District joins the nation in celebrating Career and Technical Education programs that ready our students for career and life. Career and Technical Education (CTE) prepares students for a wide range of high-skill, high-demand, high-wage careers that require varying levels of education, from high school to postsecondary certificates to two-and four-year college degrees. Sumner CTE offers students the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications through our courses. CTE helps students explore careers that best match the student's interests and strengths. In the Sumner School District, our goal is for every student to graduate with a plan and the skills to be career and life ready. Career and Technical Education courses are rigorous, include core academic competencies, leadership training and hands-on application of learned skills. 


Career and Technical Education (CTE) supports students as they develop as workers and lifelong learners. CTE prepares students for a range of careers, requiring varying levels of education, from high school to postsecondary certificates to two-and four-year college degrees. It’s high school and college education that provides students with:
  • Academic subject matter taught with relevance to the real world.
  • Employability skills, from job-related skills to workplace ethics.
  • Education pathways that help students explore interests and careers.
The subject areas most often associated with CTE:
  • Trades and Industry
  • Business and Marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Health Occupations
  • Technology


In Sumner, these areas are represented by Programs Of Study that include all curricular areas. They help guide students’ course selections and future planning. This planning begins in middle school and continues to be expanded or changed throughout high school. Programs Of study allow a student to connect to life after high school by connecting curriculum to his/her own interests and skills.


Sumner School District Career and Technical Education equips students with the employability and academic skills necessary to be successful in the changing workforce and the ability to live a purposeful life in a global society as a passionate, productive, life-long learner.


Sumner School District Career and Technical Education: Bridging the gap between academics and career.

We Value:

  • Learning
  • Partnerships
  • Professional Growth
  • Relationships
  • Relevance
  • Rigor
  • Technology
  • Work Ethic

Additional information about educational planning is available in the Career and Information Center at Bonney Lake High School, the Career Center at Sumner High School and the Sumner School District Career and Technical Education office (253) 891-6062.

Additional information about Career and Technical Education is available on the OSPI Web site.


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