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Chromebook News

The SSD supports and encourages students in grades 6-12 to bring their district-issued Chromebooks home to help with out-of-classroom learning and homework. Here are ways to maximize use and protect your child's Chromebook. 
Internet Access Options
We realize that not all households have easy access to the internet . Here are some free and low-cost ways your child may access the internet.

  • Businesses: Wireless internet service (Wi-Fi) is available at many businesses throughout Sumner and Bonney Lake. These include fast food restaurants, coffee shops and libraries.
  • School: Students may stay after school and use the school's internet. At Sumner High School this connection now extends to the stadium. After-school bus transportation is available for students staying late for academic, club and sports activities.

Most internet service providers offer options for $10 or less per month to qualifying households. Consider asking these providers about their low-cost internet programs:
  • AT&T: Access, 855-220-5211
  • CenturyLink: Internet Basics, 866-541-3330
  • Comcast/XFINITY: Internet Essentials, 855-846-8376
Chromebook Coverage Still Available 
If you're without Chromebook coverage, it's not too late. Chromebook coverage lessens the financial burden if your child's Chromebook is damaged or stolen. The cost is $15, with discounts for students on free and reduced-price lunch. Coverage is in effect until the beginning of the 2017-18 school year. Contact your school to sign up or email chromebooks@sumnersd.org for more information.