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District Name Change

With more of our families and facilities now located in Bonney Lake, the Sumner School District Board of Directors passed a motion on March 15, proposing the district change its name to Sumner-Bonney Lake School District.

State law requires the district to hold a public hearing to consider the name proposed by the Board of Directors and to consider other names that may be suggested by the community. Families served by the school district and interested citizens are invited to attend the hearing, which is scheduled for Wednesday, April 12 at 6 p.m.



Why is the district considering changing the name?
The majority of our families, schools and operating facilities – like Transportation, Maintenance & Operations, and Child Nutrition offices – are located in the City of Bonney Lake. Today, nearly twice as many families reside in Bonney Lake than in Sumner.
Sumner School District has had the same name for 100+ years. Why change now?
Today, the Sumner School District serves a much different area than it did 100 years ago. In fact, most of our families now reside in or near the City of Bonney Lake.

As the School Board is now undertaking several capital improvement projects and planning for future growth, considering a name change to reflect the larger geographic area we serve made sense.

Who decides on the new name? How will it happen?
State law requires the district to propose a new name and to hold a public hearing and allow the community to support a name change as proposed by the School Board and to consider other name options as suggested by the community.

A majority of the elected School Board members must vote to approve a new name.
If the school district changes its name, when will it take effect?
While it’s too early to say when a new name could take effect (a public hearing must first be scheduled and a majority of the School Board must vote to change the name after the public hearing), the Board of Directors has stated that a phased in name change is the approach they will take. This will mitigate any costs associated with such a name change.

Won’t it cost a lot of money to change the name? How much?
The Board of Directors remains focused on putting financial investments in the classroom. Should the School Board and community decide to change the name of the district, the district will take a phased approach. This means business cards, letterhead and other similar products will gradually be replaced as we run out.
Items such as school signage or bus decals will be changed as part of our ongoing cycle of repair and replacement. And, with several remodel and construction projects underway at many schools, signage can be replaced as part of these remodels.